They made special mention of Help Vega Baja

In its first statement of the New Year the neighborhood association “San Miguel Arcángel” said that it wants its first words to be of gratitude to the clubs and associations that kindly donated to the food bank which has been so important to many families and individuals in the town over the Christmas period.

They made special mention of Help Vega Baja, San Miguel Social Club, San Miguel Bowls Club, O’Brian Language Centre, San Miguel pharmacy and the German hair salon Eva’s Salon de la Zenia.

As a result of their donations they were able to collect toys for the children as well as 246 kilos / liters of food and € 2,831.50. This money, which has been used entirely in local commerce, and has been spent on providing an extra Christmas contribution of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish for families in need.

Likewise, the association gratefully acknowledges the work of volunteers who have made possible the delivery of food and toys. The whole experience has been an enormous and authentic gesture of humanity and generosity towards our fellow men, they say.