A Challenge to bowlers in Valencia.
A Challenge to bowlers in Valencia.

Form and run a Provincial Team

A little over a year ago I was asked by the Delegada in Almeria to come out of retirement and form and run an Almeria Provincial team, the aim being to play matches against other Provinces and, by so doing, create another level of bowling in Spain similar to playing for the county back in the UK.  All players taken into the main team, where the method of selection is similar to the methods I used for the Spanish International Team many years ago, would be awarded a shirt and jacket paid for with monies raised by sponsorship.

Last year we played a two day inter provincial match against Malaga with the return match to be played in Malaga at the end of March this year.  By raising funds, the total cost for players for travel by coach, together with accommodation and food in a four-star hotel would be €120 each for the two nights.

I have endeavoured to encourage your Delegado to form a team for Valencia and play home and away matches in alternate years but I am informed that only six players are interested.  I fully understand that a great number of players are involved in playing league games.  I am, though, only talking about a team of 10 man and 10 ladies.  Leagues are played in Malaga and Almeria where there are far fewer bowlers than Valencia and yet both Provinces are able to form teams.

There are many ex-Spanish International bowlers among you, nearly all of which are younger than me.  I am sure that amongst you someone can take up the challenge and form a Valencia team.  In fact, I will name one, Barry Latham, who, given a pen in his hand could start things going.  Given a microphone = well perhaps not, but I am sure he would head up a team of helpers to make it happen.

Well, there you are – that’s the challenge and if the team includes some of you that supported me in the past for many years in the Spanish team, that would be great.  You were a formidable force then and I am sure continue to be many years later.

Graham Marlow – Manager, Team Almeria