Monday 21st November

Monte Mar Matadors v San Luis Trekkers

At home to the Trekkers the Matadors had a good result winning on four rinks. Well done to Lynne Armitage, Barry Watson skip Neil Crawford 22-8, Wendy Sheridan, Iain Sheridan skip Phil Goble 20-13, Diane Horsington, Steve Leatherland skip John Hunt 25-10, Sheila Roberts, Ronnie Cairns skip Keith Young 24-7.

Shots Matadors 103 – 53 Trekkers.

Points Matadors 10 – 2 Trekkers.


Wednesday 23rd November.

At home to Javea Green it was as expected a tough game. We won on one rink well done to Sheila Roberts, Chris Harding, Ronnie Cairns skip Phil Goble.

Shots Monte Mar  28 -56 Javea.

Points Monte Mar 2-6 Javea.

After the game we all enjoy lunch at the Belfry a few drinks and as it had been over three years since we had played Javea a good chat.

Hope that’s ok.