The week started well with wins for both our South Alicante league teams.  Blenheims had a fine 10-2 home victory over San Miguel Christians, in which these 4 sets of trips gained the points – B Trinder, C Dye, T Morgan 16-14. S Barnes, M France, D Barnes 24-19. C Brazier, B Elliott, T Voisey 28-13.  G Carnell, V Campbell, F Roberts 18-10.  Over at Emerald Isles, Lancasters went one better against the Victors.

Winning on all 5 rinks, meant that these high flyers earned all 12 points on offer – S & A Johnston, P Bradbury 13-10. J Cleal, P & B Rees 14-12. I Everett, R Lewin, S Hibberd 20-17. C Lowry, S Jakeman, K Lowry 19-11. C Bowles, D Gould, A Reid 19-8.

In the VCL league, Lions played on Wednesday, then had a rearranged match on Friday (both at home).  First up was a visit from San Miguel Sheriffs, when the hosts came out on top 9-3.

Here’s the points scoring disciplines – J Pitt (mens singles) 21-14. T & P Morgan (pairs) 16-16. G Carnell, B Elliott, P Farrell 18-14. G Phillips, B Trinder, C Dye, F Roberts 17-13. Forty eight hours later, San Luis Falcons came to QBC, eventually succumbing to an 8-4 defeat.  In the mens singles, G Carnell won 21-12, the pairs team of T Morgan & A Bowen won 19-16, whilst in the trips, G Kershaw, B Trinder & F Roberts were victorious by 32 points to 8.

Not such a good week for the Tigers, for in their match at San Miguel against the deputies, only the pairing of S & D Barnes/S Heath scored points, as their 25-14 victory earned their team 2 points.