Monday found the Pintos at Emerald Isle playing the Titans; surprisingly the wind started off reasonably benign, but soon turned into a nightmare with a strong blustery wind changing direction and strength even as you released the bowl.

But a team weakened with players unavailable was easily outplayed by the very strong Titans, just a glance along the rinks was enough to see their strength and so it was that they took all the points and a large shot difference.

The Raiders were away to La Siesta Sputniks in the afternoon and put in a fine performance, taking one rink and losing two by just one point, also taking the overall shots.

On Friday morning the Mustangs played Emerald Isle Cavaliers at home, pretty much the same team as Monday’s, with a very strong wind it proved a little tricky. It was a close match all round with both teams taking 2 rinks and the Cavaliers taking the overall shots by a small margin.

Sheila Cox, Malc Sykes and Mike Cox 17-14. Ria Dukker, Diane Yates and Richard Lee 17-12. Lesley Day, Ngaio Baldwin and Pete Baldwin 11-22. Brian Yates, John Richards and Bob Day 14-23.

In the afternoon the Broncos were at Greenlands playing the Ash, with both teams only able to field 3 rinks. The Broncos came away with 2 rinks but lost the overall shots by just 3, a good result with both teams taking 4 points. Ron Greenstreet, Dolly Ford and Marion Haynes 7-32. Sheila Millward, Jim Eastwood and Dave Haynes 33-12. Kevin Henry, Janet Wright and David Wright 21-19. Bowlers of all levels are welcome at El Rancho, for further membership information contact Sheila Cox at