On Tuesday the Rowdies played their postpones home game against San Miguel and did well in having two close rinks, though the stronger San Miguel took the four rinks. But with every match our bowlers gain skill and experience.

Wednesday found the Rowdies playing their final winter league match at home to El Cid and had a good match with thoroughly good company. The Rowdies took the rinks 3 to 1 and the overall shots with all rinks being close run.

Mick Higgins, Mags Higgins, Malc Sykes and Diane Yates 11-15. Sheila Cox, Ann Abbott, Pam Harris and Peter Blackburn 21-12. Bill Johnston, Frances Johnston, Tony Abbott and Derek Barker 21-18. Ria Dukker, Lesley Day, Judy Foley and Keith Longshaw 23-19.

Bowlers of all levels are welcome at El Rancho.