Jason and Carol from Quesada


Last Friday we had an early St Georges Day Disco and meal at Paolo’s and very enjoyable it was. Well organised by our new Social Secretary, Jean Tregoing.   On Sunday we had a St Georges Day tournament with costumes which ended up with a late start because some people couldn’t get out of bed…. so rumour has it.  Again very enjoyable and thanks goes to Bill Jones for sorting it out.   The winners were Peter Parsons and Barbara Forshaw. Don’t know how much they won but Peter, Jan and Barbara went on holiday the next day. 

Second were Mike Stone, Reg Jackson and Derek Smith. Third came Maureen Kidd, Wendy Latham and Jack Chorlton.  I won a prize with Frank Pollock and although it was the booby prize, I did explain to the members as President I couldn’t win everything so I came last.   Monday saw the frolics go and the serious stuff start again. The Pilots played at home against Vistabella Greeners. Last week the Pilots had a great win and this week they had a great loss.  Losing by only one shot overall. Three rinks won or lost by one shot. 

Our winning rinks were Sue Daniels, John Rae and Jean Tregoing 19-11. Dave Taylor, Steve Hindle and Mo Taylor 19-14. Terry and Jean Perchard plus Lorita Rae 20-19.  The VCL league started again for us at home against a strong Quesada side proven by the score by 12-2 to them.  Derek Toozer the newly crowned Champion of Champions Singles Winner proved he was a worthy winner by coming back from well down to win his singles game. Our only success came with Len Daniels who did better than the Blues, Steve Hindle and Andy Bartlett.

The Pilots flew over to play Greenlands Gladiators and came away with a 9 – 5 win. Very good. Congratulations to Barry and Margaret Sadler plus Mike Surch also Len Daniels, Steve Hindle and Reg Jackson. Not forgetting Sue Daniels (not to be outdone), John Rae and Dave O’Sullivan and gaining our extra point with a draw Terry and Jean Perchard and Lorita Rae.


Champion of Champions Tournament. In the finals at Greenlands, on Saturday 22nd. Tom Hill & Sabrina Marks played the mixed pairs against Jason Prokopowycz and Carol Broomfield. As expected there were some very close ends but Jason and Carol came out winners. The Men’s singles final was between Russell Marks and Derek Toozer. Russell’s semi final was a great display of bowling but the final went to an even higher level. Every shot was closely contested by both men and just as it looked like the shot wood had been played the next one beat it. Russell played very well but Derek was simply outstanding and was a well deserved winner. It was a great game to watch and will be hard to match in the future. Our rinks team of Steve Simmons, Sabrina Marks, Keith Jones & Russell Marks won through to the final, on Monday morning. Unfortunately they lost to Geraldine & Gordon Fisher, Janet Gatwood & Roy Mercer. Congratulations to all the winners and well done to our players for reaching 3 finals.

Spitfire Division: SL Wellingtons Monday 24th – BYE.

Harrier Division: SL Hercules, Monday 24th home v Horadada Hawks, some tight games to get close on shots; 101-106, 4pts-10. Winners: Helen Hammond, Dave Tilley, Scott Malden 28-11, Roger Inwards, Danny McErlean, Harry Epsom 14-14, Doug Beattie, Chris Jackson, Fay Beattie 14-14. Tuesday 25th away v LS Hornets, again a very close fought match with shots 100-108, 4pts-10. Winners:  Helen Hammond, Chris Brooks, Scott Malden 31-13, Roger Inwards, Danny McErlean, Harry Epsom 13-12.

Wednesday 26th  VCL, SL Falcons home v VB Vikings; as expected a hard fought match, points 4-10, shots 87-110. Winners: 3’s Bill Webb, Neil Morrison, Derrick Cooper 17-15, 4’s Jan Pocock, Lynn Morris, Sue Cooper, Brian Pocock 14-13.

We are currently looking for new members to join us for the 2017/18 winter season. We are aiming to enter an extra team this year in the leagues. With 4 teams there should be plenty of games for everyone. We welcome all bowlers, from the most experienced to those who want to step up from purely “social” bowling to the league challenge. We are a very competitive but friendly club and Casa Ventura itself is a hub for the local area, offering a wide range of non-bowling activities.

For more information please check: www.sanluisbowls.byethost7.com or contact June Jones, Club Captain: 691903773.

Sheila Cammack



Tuesday 25th April – Monte Mar Toros v Emerald Isle Vulcans. Toros won on two rinks and lost on four. Well done to the two winning rinks. Shots Toros 98 – 101 Vulcans. Points Torro 4 – 10 Vulcans.

Monty Mar rinks champions

Friday 28th April – Monte Mar Toros v Vistabella Greeners. Excellent bowling between the Toros and Greeners in very poor weather conditions.

Both teams won on three rinks, the weather was so bad the Captains agreed to only play twelve ends. The Toros only lost by one shot on two rinks and two shots on their other rink. Well done to all the team.  Shots Toros 71 – 55 Greeners. Points Torros 8 – 6 Greeners.

For further information about Monte Mar Bowls and Social Club check out our website  www.montemarbowls.com or email us at info@montemarbowls.com. We are also on Facebook.


The Champion of Champions competition took part recently and our Ladies Pair of Dawn Taylor and Hilary Clarke did very well to reach the quarter finals whilst Irene Mangan missed out in a place in the final of the Singles by a single shot.

The South Alicante Triples league recommenced on Monday with our Wasps in the Spitfire division visiting San Miguel Christians with the result going in favour of the Christians by 121 shots to 106. Dawn and John Taylor had a cracking game and won from start to finish 23 – 12 whilst Dave Davies with Florence and Mike Edwards hung on for a well-deserved draw 17 – 17.Irene Laverick, Sue Jordan and Brian Gardiner had a close match and despite leading early on they eventually went down by 2 shots. Jo Elkin, George Richardson and Brian Fraser came back with a 4 and a 3 shots on the last 2 ends to lose by 3 shots.

The final result being a 11-3 points loss. Thank you to our friendly team of Joy Gardiner, Ramsey Sinclair and Alex Morrice. On Friday in heavy rain and with weather more akin to winter than Spring the Wasps visited Quesada to play the Blenheims. Due to the inclement weather the match was decided after each rink had completed 12 ends. Each team won on three of the six rink with the best trio for La Siesta were Joy Gardiner, Norman Adcroft and Sue Jordan who won 15-7, thanks to a score of 5 on the penultimate end.

Beryl Styring with Florence and Mike Edwards lead from the start to win 13-6 whilst Irene Laverick with Pat and Brian Harman picked up 4 shots on the 8th end to push home their advantage to win 14-9.The overall shots went to Quesada by 74 shots to 64 thereby taking the points 8-6.

Better news in the Harrier Division with the Hornets remaining unbeaten and still leading the league. Their latest victory being a 10-4 home win against San Luis Hercules by 108 shots to 100.

The winning rinks were Jo Kocsis, Sue Mahomet and Pat Reilly 24-9, Hilary Clarke, Trish Reilly and Vic Mahomet 21-13, Wendy Ralph with Barbara and Jack Cooper 20-18 and finally Jean James, Alan Ralph and Jonnie Ryder 18-16.

In the VCL league our team entertained Emerald Isle Dukes and lost by a narrow 114 shots to 105 with the rinks shared. The points being 8-6 in the Dukes favour. The winners for La Siesta were Irene Mangan and Mike Edwards in their singles matches whilst our Triples of Joy and Brian Gardiner with Jean Cooper secured a narrow 19-18 win.

Lastly some sad news to report. On Friday evening 21st April our friend and fellow bowler Roy Millward passed away in Torrevieja Hospital after a short illness.  Roy was a keen bowler playing in league and internal matches.  He will be sadly missed by our club and many colleagues at other clubs. Our thoughts go out to his wife Sheila & his family.  Rest in Peace Roy, you will be remembered always.


In the South Alicante Hurricane Division, Greenlands Gladiators were away to Quesada Lancasters. Final scores was………… Total Shots for – 83.  Total shots against – 101.  Points for – 4. Against – 10. Winning rinks were – Phil Lockley, Mary Lockley, skip Kim Hunter. 20 shots to 13. Janet Bliss, Frank Saunders, skip John O’Brien. 15 shots to 10. On Friday The Gladiators were home to La Marina Pilots, Final score was – total shots for – 84.  Against – 92.  Points for – 5. Against  – 9.Winning rinks were -  Phil Lockley, Mary Lockley, skip Kim Hunter. – 18 shots to 11.  John Newall, Dave Thompson, skip Sue Brown. – 15 shots to 13. Anyone looking to join Greenlands Bowls Club please contact Haley on tel 966 84 4399


Our bowling week began with the Buckskins entertaining Country Bowls Badgers in the Harrier Division and put in a good effort, sharing the rinks and taking the overall shots against a strong opponent. On Wednesday our VCL fixture was at Horadada, playing well and taking both the singles. Several of the others were close, particularly the pairs, losing by the just the one shot after dropping a 7 early on and losing the overall shots by just 3. Ladies singles: Jane Hamill 21-10. Mens singles: Richard Lee 21-11. Pairs: Jim Gracie and David Whitworth 15-16. Trips: Pam Harris, Mick Ager and Merv Armstrong 9-24. Rinks: Ann Taylor, Malc Elmore, Jim Taylor and Stew Hamill 10-15. Rinks: June Whitworth, Bob Easthope, John Skipper and Carolyn Harris 15-18.

Friday found the Buckskins playing at Horadada, as in the VCL, the weather not being seasonal of course, with some rain and a stiff wind causing a little consternation. But they are a good bunch and we enjoyed the morning, again taking two rinks and again we saw good bowling from both sides and two rinks is always a fair result away from home. Marion Haynes, Dave Haynes and Merv Armstrong 16-15. Emma Walsh, Ann Taylor and Jim Taylor 10-26. Jan Bright Jane Hamill and Stew Hamill 13-22. Gary Dunstone, Malc Sykes and David Whitworth 13-18. Bob Easthope, Malc Elmore and John Skipper 13-26. June Whitworth, Mick Ager and Carolyn Harris 18-15. For membership details contact Brian Taylor on 965077093 or at briantaylor_es@yahoo.co.uk or Carolyn Harris on 966774316 or at elranchobowls.secretary@gmail.com.


Monday brought Quesada Blenheims to the EI in the spitfire league. The visitors took the spoils 10-4 aggregate of 91-105, winning trips were P Heaney L Fisher D Gerrard 22-11

Tuesday saw the Vulcans travel to MonteMar Torros, and they came away with a good win 10-4 aggregate 101-98 the winners were T Capewell, S Watson, G Ferguson 16-13, G Roberts R Adams F King 14-13, J Redfern C Warner, B Allen 21-19, M Foulds R Fooks B Foulds 12-11

Wed the Dukes visited La Siesta and gained an 8-6 win aggregate 114-105. Winners weere Pairs M Veale D Gerrard 22-16, Rinks  S Wickens J Westall K Jolliffe C Lindgren 25-14,  M Whitelock  S Westall J Mulloy M Odell 19-14

Thursday brought San Miguel Christians to the Isle and the home team came out on top 10-4 aggregate 122-109. M Whitelock C Highland C Lindgren 31-11, M Highland M Veale B Kavanagh 20-12, P Coffey L Burns A Burns 22-21, C Thomas J Pooley and birthday boy Dennis Birkett 19-17