Due to the current situation all clubs are in isolation meaning that bowls may continue but only at each club’s own venue.  Which meant that we had no games on Friday, but our internal  competitions started on Saturday morning.

The competition season started with the ever popular Pensioners Urn.  This is sponsored by John Morgan who I am reluctant to say is our oldest member, but he must be very close to being our longest serving member.  I personally known the club for 18 years and John has always been there.

Four games were played with four very different results Don Fowkes went through with a very impressive 21-1 win, Mike Smith won 21-13, and Alex Whyte won 21-10, but the real tight exciting game was Dave McGaw beating Irene Mangum and it was the game I was watching. Dave drew ahead to lead 19-12, only for Irene to pull him back to 19-19,  then to lose the next end by 2 to give Dave a 21-19 win.  Well done all, I will look forward to the next round.

Barclays Properties Winter League.

Week 6 of this league and you would have thought a pattern of play was established but that proved not to be the case instead the world was turned upside down with both top teams losing and both bottom teams winning.

A big surprise was the Lambs being penned (an expression I have picked up from one man and his dog) by the Lions 2-6, but an even better win was the Bears currently bottom of the league beating those mischievous little Monkeys 5-3.

The Koalas have shot to second league by a massive 8-0 win over the Pandas.  The Dolphins who were second in the league took a 6-2 loss to the lowly Tigers dropping them down to 4th but the Lambs despite their loss maintained top spot by 2 points over the Koalas.

As a postscript it was nice to see the minute’s silence observed by all at the 11th hour of the 11th day.

Dave Hadaway