Another busy week for our players, fortunately the weather behaved allowing us to play our previously washed out matches. But the temperature has dropped, so shorts are gradually being replaced with warmer clothes.

South Alicante League: Enterprise Div. Monday 1st Nov Klingons at home to Vistabella Albatrosses had a hard fought battle, taking 4pts-6, close shots 65-71. Winners: Margaret Morrison, Pam Lockett, Neil Morrison 22-14, Tricia Reilly, Vic Mahomet, Pat Reilly 15-12.

Discovery Div.

Trekkers were home v EI Neptunes, in a close match 4pts-6, 63 shots-73. Winners: Brian White, Brenda Brown, Steve Penfold 21-15, Dee Hoey, Chris Lythe, Pete Ayres 20-15.

Southern League (matches re-arranged after storms on 22nd Oct). 2nd Nov, Tigers had a great result away v EI Outlaws, points 7-3, shots 71-56. Winners: Dee Hoey, Ralph Jones, Derrick Cooper 27-12, Brian White, Pauline Johnson, Brenda Brown 14-14, Ian & Sue Ross, Lyndon Johnson 18-16.

Lions had an excellent result, Thurs 4th, home v La Marina Sharks, 10pts-0, 93 shots-47. Winners: Trish Reilly, Vic Mahomet, Pat Reilly 24-15, Helen Hammond, Bill Webb, Scott Malden 25-11, Giuseppe Galelli, Keith Jones, Neil Morrison 24-9, Jane Hamill, Sheila Cammack, Stewart Hamill 20-12.

Wednesday 3rd, Winter League away v Benitachell, thanks again to members who were prepared to play when we were short; some for the first time in Winter League. Against the weather forecast we had rain on the journey north but fortunately it cleared before we started, although the green changed as the water dried out in patches & the strong gusty winds added to the challenge for all of us. However we had a great result: 10pts-0, 77shots-60.

Well done to all winners: Giuseppe Galelli, Sheila Cammack, Pete Ayres, Neil Morrison 19-11, Pauline Johnson, Bill Webb, Pam Lockett, Scott Malden (the “Comeback Kids”) 18-16, Jane Hamill, Terry Baylis, Tricia Reilly, Stewart Hamill 16-13, Chris Jackson, Dee Hoey, June & Keith Jones 24-20.

Southern League Friday 5th Lions away v Greenlands Oaks; we had some great comebacks making it a really close match; 2 wins each but we were just pipped on shots, 69-70, so 4pts-6. Winners: Trish Reilly, Vic Mahomet, Pat Reilly 19-13, Helen Hammond, Bill Webb, Scott Malden 16-15.

Tigers home v Greenlands Cedars had a tough match against a strong team, points 0-10, shots 50-107.

Hopefully after all the ups & downs we’ll try it again next week!