CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS: As reported last week we already had our mixed rinks team as runners-up in the final, also Mary Lockley & Caroline Smyth had won through to the ladies pairs final on Saturday (13th), Sandra Burrows through to the final of the ladies singles and Caroline and John Smyth through to the mixed pairs final, on Sunday (14th).

All our competitors worked so hard in their respective finals, raising their game and playing shots that didn’t seem possible; plenty of oohs! and ahhs! from the spectators. Mary & Caroline had a super battle against Sandra & Kim, (Q), with some beautiful precision shots which saw them through as Ladies Pairs Champions. The next morning Sandra B (SL) played Sandra J (Q) and another tough battle, which saw Sandra J pulling ahead but Sandra B changed gear, put on the pressure to pull back the shots and come through to take the Ladies Singles Champion title. In the mixed pairs final, Caroline & John, unfortunately, just couldn’t get past the strong team of Lisa & Pete Bonsor. Congratulations to all the Champions.

South ALC Spitfire Div.: April 15th SL Wellingtons had a tough time away v GL Gladiators, finishing 4pts-8, 68 shots-106. Winners: Joy Gardiner, Pete Ayres, Brian Gardiner 19-11, Cath & Noel Morrisroe, Jim Gracie 19-15.

Harrier Div.: SL Hercules, home to GL Warriors had a close battle, finishing 4pts-8, 73 shots- 83. Winners: Pauline Johnson, Dave Louis, Ian Kenyon 20-16, Chris Jackson, Ralph Jones, Vic Mahomet 20-19.

VCL Southern Div A: April 17th SL Falcons were home to GL Giants and a very close fought match finished 4pts-8, 80pts-86. Winners: Cathy Morrisroe, Neil Burrows, Noel Morrisroe 21-14, Kath Reid, Dee Hoey, Tricia & Pat Reilly 19-15.

Div B: SL Hawks, away v Q Tigers, match postponed due to funeral of our friend Les Bedford, re-arranged to Thurs 25th.

Div C: SL Kestrels BYE.

2 Bowl League Friday 19th SL Cobras v SL Pythons was obviously going to be a tough match and so it proved with some real turn-around moments. The Pythons eventually came out on top; 8pts-4, 92 shots-71. Winners: Stuart Wilson, Bill Webb, Jim Gracie 16-14, Kath Reid, June & Keith Jones 23-11, Neil Burrows, Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 25-7. The Cobras winners: Jim Gwynn, Maxine Wright, Ken Stringfellow 22-15, Pauline Johnson, Neil Cox, Barbara Louis 17-13.

Sheila Cammack


Image: Ladies Champions: Sandra Burrows /Singles, Caroline Smyth & Mary Lockley/ Pairs.