Monday the Warriors travelled to San Luis Hercules and managed a great result away from home winning  8 to 4 shots were 83 to 73 so a good start to the new season  well done the squad.

At on home green the Gladiators played host to San Luis Wellington s. and to their full strength gained a 8 to 4 victory shots were 106 to 68 a great start for this squad, well done.

VCL league on Wednesday   Greenlands GIANTS were ip against La Marina and played a great game and achieved a 8 to 4 victory. GREAT RESULT.

THE VCL team of Greenlands TITANS played Country Bowls Meerkats and they also had a great result winning 8 to 4 shots were 100 to 74 so well done all keep it going on your efforts.

On Friday a new game of 2 wood triples started and both teams from Greenlands were against each other and the stronger side gained the victory of 12 to 0 but this is a new format so hopefully as the weeks progress better results will come from the Dragons so well done The Goannas I’m sure the game was enjoyed by all .