Titans started the week off by playing against Quesada Diamonds at home and they got a fine 10-2   Aggregate of 115-71. N Oakley I Grimshaw R Marks 41-7, including a HOT SHOT. G Wallis M Odell M Hartley 27-15, P Heaney G Odell D Mooney 20-10, Jones M Ellis B Kavanagh 18-13

Neptunes travelled to play at El Rancho Raiders and they came away with a good 7-5 Aggregate 87-85, J Sayers S Johnson K Jolliffe 24-12, C Thomas G Dyer K Barber 17-16, G Inwood I Laverick J Taylor drew 14-14

Moonrakers played at home against Greenlands Beech and they were beaten 2-10, Aggregate of 66-101 M Mcllend A Gower E Shepperd 18-15

Emperors played at El Rancho in the Winter League and came away with a good 8-2 Aggregate of 82-50 win, N Davis K Barber S Marks R Marks 21-9, S Kavanagh T Pridmore M Hartley B Kavanagh 22-7, N Prior M Ellis S Elvin C Lindgren 15-14

Claymores played at home against Quesada Swifts and got a fine 11-1 Aggregate of 96-77 win, I Laverick P Moore B Fenty 28-16, J Sayer J Fenty J Taylor 15-12, G Stritcht M Stritcht T Upham 20-19, S Ellis G Dyer K Barber 17-15, C Thomas B Eldred R Stockel drew 16 all

Outlaws were at Country Bowls Cubs and got beaten 2-10 Aggregate of 76-102, D Mcclelland  J Buxton M Munro 21-19

SAPS takes place on Sat at 13-15