Monday 12th October brings the first game of the Discovery Division, with La Marina Explorers versus La Marina Pathfinders, and what a tight game it turned out to be.

The first 3 results were Explorers 15, Pathfinders 14: Explorers 12, Pathfinders 13: Explorers 13, Pathfinders 12, then came Peter Parsons trip of Explorers winning 22-11, giving Explorers 6 points and Pathfinders 2, then along came Sue Daniels, with Dave and Lesley Joynes’s trip winning 29-7, receiving 2 points for the win and gaining 2 points for overall shots, giving us all a very fair result of 6 points each.

Barclays Properties Winter League (internal) this really is a very good day out, in practice 15 games to watch with a meal to follow,  The results this week were:  Lions 3 – Pandas 5, Seals 1 – Dolphins 7, Lambs 8 – Tigers 0, Monkeys 8 – Collies 0

This leaves 3 teams on top with 13 points each, but the Koalas on actual top with a shot difference of plus 13.

Unfortunately we have not received any Friday results prior to the deadline for reports, so I thought I would take the opportunity of introducing you to the teams of the Barclays Properties Winter League.

Lions – Tom Spencer, J Perchard, Lesley Joynes, Graham Whiston.

Tigers- Peter Parsons, Alex Morris, Jean Tregoing, Geoff Halfide.

Seals- Dave O’Sullivan, Carol Smith, Maryln Pape, Norman Ship.

Monkeys- Terry Perchards, Garth Slater, Maureen Kidd.

Pandas-DonFowkes,Margare MacLaughlin,Paul Tregoing,Maryln Fryatt.

Lambs- Sue  Daniels,Mike Smith, Anne Stone,Jim Freeman.

Collies- Len Daniels, Irena Magnan,Barara Forshaw, Steve Bently.

Koalas- John Rae,Kath Manning,Dave Joynes, Trevor Hancock.

Dolphins- Shirley Hadaway,Phil Pape,Martha Reynolds, Dave McGaw.