So here we are again; a year later, finally starting the winter season once more, hopefully this time we’ll get a chance to finish it completely with no nasty surprises.

South Alicante League Enterprise Div.We began on Monday 11th with the Klingons home to our close neighbours La Siesta. As with many other clubs during the last year, members have moved on for various reasons so it was very pleasant to meet up with friends & former team members although, once we got started, we were obviously all aiming to win.

The victory was ours, winning 8pts-2, 71 shots-54. The winning rinks: Giuseppe Galelli, June & Keith Jones 20-7, Helen Hammond, Sheila Cammack, Scott Malden 21-18, Tricia Reilly, Vic Mahomet, Pat Reilly 15-11. Discovery Div. The Trekkers had a positive start with a close fought match (4pts-6) away v La Siesta, winning on 2 rinks but just missing out on the shots 65-73. Winners: Ray Whatmough, Chris Jackson, Brenda Brown 17-16, Brian White, Steve Penfold, Peter Ayres 19-17.

Southern League Div A: Friday 15th the Lions had a good result at home v El Rancho Mustangs, winning 10pts-0, 90 shots-47. Winners: Helen Hammond, Bill Webb, Scott Malden 24-10, Jane Hamill, Sheila Cammack, Stewart Hamill 22-9, Margaret Morrison, Pam Lockett, Neil Morrison 30-16, Giuseppe Galelli, June & Keith Jones 14-12. Div B: Tigers travelled up to La Marina to play against the Seagulls. Once again they had a close fought match with an amazing result, sharing the points, 5-5 & the shots 71-71. Winners: Ray Whatmough, Ralph Jones, Bob Bromley 26-12, Sue & Ian Ross, Lyndon Johnson 20-12.

We’ve got through the first week with care & sanitizer, hopefully we’ll be back again next week to do our best all over again + next week is the start of the WINTER LEAGUE.

If you’re interested you can come along & watch on match days, join in on a Saturday morning with the “Chicken Drive” or speak with Club Captain: June Jones: 691903773 email: for more information or to arrange coaching. There’s a range of membership fees for 12, 7 or 3 months.

SLBC Tournaments: Mufti Open Mixed Pairs 14-16 December, Open Mixed Triples 4-6 January.

We’re a friendly group & our Social Sec. (Dee) is currently planning our social activities as we look forward to Christmas.

Sheila Cammack