Monday 18th and 2 home games to play/watch and after saying last week how I look forward to Winter, I am stuck at home with a lousy head cold, so the report is based solely on the result sheets.  Not the best reading but a long way short of disastrous.

In the morning our Explorers played the Chestnuts from Greenlands and lost 8-4.  All 4 points came from Anne Stone, Steve Syddell and Alex Whyte they were the top scoring rink with a 35-14 victory, which was also sufficient to carry the shot difference 83-82.

The afternoon game was our Pathfinders against Country Bowls which produced a mirror image of the morning’s result with us winning 8-4 and gaining the shot difference of 81-79, our top winning trip being Audrey Birch, Len Daniels and Alex Morrice with a 20-12 victory.  Well done all to win the shot difference by so little in both games reflects on you all.

Our internal Animal League started this week, and I would like to start by introducing the teams:

Magpies:           Pete Parsons, Trevor Stemp, Norman Ship, Margaret Finlayson.

Swans:  Alan Birch, David Joynes, Reg Jackson, Jeff Halfhide

Robins:  Alex Morrice, Audrey Birch, Lorita Rae, Mike Smith.

Sparrows: Garth Slater, Barbara Foreshaw, Cliff Rawlingson, Marilyn Fryatt.

Puffins: John Rae, Janet Parsons,Trevor Hancock, Tom Spencer.

Eagles: Maureen Kidd, Martha Reynolds,Carol Smith, Lesley Joynes.

Should be a interesting league as after 1 game played, we only had 1 undefeated team and that’s those cockney Sparrows with 6 points.

Friday 21st and our Sharks were away to Greenlands Cedars, which was also a return fixtures of Exploreres V Chestnuts which we lost on Monday 4-8, today revenge was very sweet with a 10-2 win away at Greenlands.  The one rink we lost was only by 3 shots and our top winning rink was, Steve Douglas, Mike Smith and Margaret Finlayson with a 23-15 win.  Overall shots were 89-69. An excellent result.  Sorry no report received from the Seagulls, you will have to wait until next week for their results.

Dave Hadaway