The Seagulls Friday result was worth waiting for.  I say this because I understand they left for a morning game that has been changed for a morning one. That in itself does not put you in a good frame of mind but when they had to travel all the way to the Emerald Isle that’s even worse.  The team however kept it’s cool and won 7-3 against the Outlaws.  An excellent result at the Isle but it must have been a close one as we won the overall shots 74-69.  Well, Done.

The Explorers versus the San Miguel Dalmatians, a great result winning 8-2 but I wish I had never mentioned how difficult it is to score 30, Janet Parsons, Jean Fowkes and Mike Stone have again made a liar of me scoring 33-7 – very well done.

Pathfinders versus San Louis Trekkers and what a tight game this turned out to be 5 points each is a good result even better when we only won 1 rink, drew 1 and won the overall shots 67-64.  Thanks mainly to Lesley & Dave Joynes with Sue Daniels skipping winning 27-13.

Unfortunately, no reports for Friday games received, this could be to a poor connection at this time.

So will finish off wishing everybody a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR.