A mixed week; for our teams getting used to playing with new team members and new match structures, also the weather; going from sun to cloud (with cool breezes) to rain overnight and back again, instead of the usual blue sky!!

South ALC Spitfire Div.: April 22nd SL Wellingtons, had a good result at home to San Miguel Moors; points 8-4, 92 shots -76. Winners: Joy & Brian Gardiner, Jean Cooper 20-14, Kath Reid, June & Keith Jones 28-10, Noel Morrisroe, Florence Murphy, Keith Phillips 25-9.

Harrier Div.: SL Hercules, had the long journey away to Bonalba. Fortunately our players coped with the journey and for many the unknown green, gaining 8 points-4, 82 shots-76. Winners: Ray Watmough, Fran & Neil Cox 21-11, Judy Carroll, Gordon Paton, Derek Biggs 23-12, Phil & Mary Lockley, Dave Webb 17-8.

VCL Southern Div A: April 24th SL Falcons, at home to La Marina, had a good result; 8 points-4, 85 shots-74. Winners: Scott Malden 21-10, Cathy & Noel Morrisroe, Noel Morrison 20-9, Kath Reid, Bob Bromley, Mike Veale, Pat Reilly 22-16.

Div B: SL Hawks: BYE.

Div C: SL Kestrels were at home v Emerald Isle, winning two elements and taking the overall shots 95-84 for 6 points-6. Winners: Barbara Louis 21-7, Ken Stringfellow, Kevin McKenna 28-9.

2 Bowl League Friday 26th SL Cobras had a tough morning away v Emerald Isle Lords, unfortunately after a close battle, they just gained 2 points-10, 78 shots-91 Winners: Judy Carroll, Gordon Patton, Dave Blackie 19-17.

SL Pythons were at home v Greenlands Goannas & also had a tough morning, shots 76-91, points 4-8. Winners: Dee Hoey, Pete Ayres, Bob Bromley 21-14, Keith Jones, Florence Murphy, Keith Phillips 21-8.

Sheila Cammack