Supertramp would have been in their element at the beginning of last week, for there was so much of the wet stuff about, you could have been excused for humming that classic ‘it’s raining again’, over and over again!  So, there was a sigh of relief on Wednesday, when there was not only a dry day, but QBCs carpet had drained sufficiently to allow the scheduled VCL match to go ahead.

And boy oh boy, did team Tigers make the most of it.  Against a useful La Marina team, this little lot swept up all 12 points on offer – Irene Everett (ladies singles) 21-18, Andy Reid (mens singles) 21-9, Sheena & Dave Barnes (pairs) 23-15, Tina Brinton, Stella Jakeman, Brenda Rees (trips) 16-14. Carol Lowry, Sandra Heath, Steve Hibberd, Keith Lowry 19-16.

The only other league match to proceed, was the rearranged home SABA trips league match, involving Lancasters against La Siesta Wasps.  Winning on 2 rinks, these sets of trips were responsible for their teams’ points in a 4-8 defeat – Chris Bowles, Dave Gould, Pete Bradbury 19-15, Carol Lowry, Stella Jakeman, Keith Lowry 16-15.