If you are reading this you are probably a Brit or at least a     northern European.  Where for 9 months of the year we look forward to summer.   Summer is still marvellous but if we are honest  perhaps a little over the top.  After a week or two of indifferent weather we now have a winter to look forward to.


This of course includes getting back to gentle competitive exercise on the bowling green.  This season we kick off with a Friendship Shield game against our old friends from Montemar.  This consists of two teams from each club, 1 playing at home and 1 playing away.  This year’s game was played in beautiful weather and a wonderful atmosphere.  It’s a friendship season opener  and we like to think the score does not matter but of course it does.


If you feel the score does matter than La Marina won 7 rinks to 1 and looks after the Friendship shield for another year.


The week finished off with a shared birthday dinner, for 2 of our ladies all in all it’s really nice to be back in a club setting and chatting with friends and keeping fit.  Much better that walking around the urb I can assure you.


If you not bowling there will be a club near you, so give it a try it really is a very pleasant way of networking and getting to know the area.  Visitors are always welcome to our club where there is invariably someone to talk to sitting on the terrace watching the game.


Dave Hadaway