A week of ups and downs with the Abatrosses away to San Luis Klingons in the Enterprise div. winning 12 – 2 with 132 shots for and 61 against, an impressive win for the big birds. In the Discovery div. the Drivers were away to LA Marina Pathfinders just losing 5 – 7 with equal shots of  81 – 81, a very close game, thoroughly enjoyed by both teams.  In Discovery div. the Eagles had a bye and the Buggies again having a big win at home against the El Rancho Raiders of 12 – 0 with 138 shots for and 45 against a notable score for Ray Pollack,Pam Lockett and Ann Holland 30 – 4.

In the Winter League Vistabella away to Greenlands  knicked a win of 8 – 6 with shots of 110 to 92. This unfortunately is where the  downside comes in. This week’s results end as on Thursday evening we were informed because of Covid problems  all league games are cancelled until further notice by the LLB.

This gives me an opportunity to correct an over sight on a notable score last week. How I missed it I don’t know, perhaps because of the size.  In the Buggies match against Greenlands Beeches,  Arthur Brown, Barbara Brown and Sheila Cammack scored a 52 – 5 against the opposition, that’s a score !

Take care everybody and let’s hope things get back to normal soon.

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Also bowlers are most welcome, and we are looking for new members. Please contact:  Club Captain –Neil Burrows neilburrows@gmail.com or Charlie Watkins Membership Secretary charlieatpathways@yahoo.co.uk.   Reported by : Montestan