Monday 18th October, Vistabella Albatrosses were Away to La Siesta, winning on 2 Rinks but getting the overall by winning the shots. Kath Reid, Sandra Burrows, Ian Kenyon 23-11, Lynne Bishop, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe 25-15. Shots 80-71, Points 6-4

Vistabella Eagles were Away to Greenlands Beech, winning on 2 Rinks but losing the shots. Sharon Louise, Keith Black, Malcolm McPherson 21-19. Denise Howell, Roy Widgery, Alan Bannister 20-13, Shots 67-72, Points 4-6.

Vistabella Drivers were at Home to San Miguel Dalmatians, Winning on 2 Rinks but also getting the shots. Barry Tarling, Kevin Hardy, Derek Stephenson 18-15. Frank Barclay, Olwyn Radcliffe, Brian Dunn 23-16. Shots 70-65, Points 6-4.

Vistabella Buggies were at Home to Greenlands Chestnuts, losing on all Rinks. Shots, 57-100 Points 0-10

Friday 22nd October, to say rain stopped play is an understatement, it chucked it down, I have never seen so much water and mud on the roads when we tried to get home from Quesada. So no matches to report on today.