South Alicante Enterprise Division

Vistabella Albatrosses v Country Bowls Flamingos

Good wins for Brian Gilham, Stuart Allman & Del Stevenson 14-13 plus Hilary James, Freddie Willey & Paul Durham 18-10. Overall shots 90pts to 66pts going Emerald Isle’s way, good win for them 8-4.

South Alicante Discovery Division

Emerald Isle Neptunes v Vistabella Drivers

One good win for Frank Barclay, Tony Grimes & Sue Wilson 19-14 plus a close draw for Clive Smith, Steve Wilson & John Ridley 15-15. Overall shots Emerald Isle 88pts to Vistabella 76pts (close game).

Winter League

Vistabella v Emerald Isle

Two good wins for Graham Doel, Derek Howe, Don Conlon & Del Stevenson 15-12 plus Hilary James, Tony Grimes, Sue Wilson & Alan Bannister 20-8.This was a very close battle for points, Emerald Isle just pipping Vistabella 62pts to 58pts winning very windy conditions.

LLB Southern league Division B

El Rancho Mustangs v Vistabella Picadors

Away match with heavy winds swirling around the green, which made it very difficult to bowl. But Vistabella pulled through to grab a very convincing win.

Good wins for Keith Black, Freddie Willey & Maggie Furness 21-8, Denise Howell, Derek Howe & Del Stevenson 25-16, Alice Howe, Alan Bannister & Arthur Brown 16-14 plus John Goddard, Don Conlon & Paul Durham 21 – 10. Overall score Vistabella 95pts to El Ranchos 61pts Vistabella winning 10-2.

LLB Southern league Division C

Vistabella Conquistadors v Greenlands Elms

A close fought game in very windy conditions resulting in Vistabella winning two rinks. Well done Rosemarie Savage, Mathew Matthewman & Ken Savage 18-13 plus Frank Barclay, Tony Grimes & Sue Wilson 16-13. Overall scores very close 88pts to Greenlands 74pts to Vistabella.

Good win for Greenlands 8-4.

Well done to all bowlers this week playing in very awkward windy conditions.

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