Monday 16th May, Vistabella Fairways, in the South Alicante Spitfire League Division A, were Home to Quesada Blenheim’s, Winning on 2 Rinks,

Rosemarie Savage, Ken Savage, Carol Thorpe 14-10,

Steve Parr, John Goddard, Gary Thorpe 21-17, Shots 69-75. Points 4-8.

Wednesday 18th May, Vistabella Saxons had a very good result in the VCL Division A, they were Away to Quesada Lions, Winning on 3 Rinks, plus the Shots,

Pairs, Kath Reid, Ian Kenyon 19-13,

Trips, Janet Parr, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe 18-17,

Rinks, Steve Parr, Barbara Brown, Paul Durham, Arthur Brown 16-14,

Shots 87-86. Points 8-4.