What a way to start this week with Vistabella Albatrosses Winning the South Alicante Monday Winter League, in the Enterprise Division A, We played at Home to  Emerald Isle Titans, Needing just 1 point to win it, we lost 2-8, some very close matches but to our savour along came the all Girls team of Mo Foulcer, Sandra Burrows, Skip Maggie Furness, Winning 21-12, Shots 67-68 Points 2-8.

Now everyone, how does the Queen song go.

Friday 11th March, Vistabella Lanzadores Division A, were Away to San Luis Lions, Winning on 2 Rinks, plus the Shots. Mo Foulcer, Arthur Brown, Gary Thorpe 19-7, Lynne Bishop, Sandra Burrows, Maggie Furness 21-13, Shots 73-67. Points 6-4.