Emerald Isle played it’s delayed Winter League match at Javea Green on Saturday and came away with 3 points E Morris M O’dell C Smyth J Smyth  18-5  Aggregate Drawn

Titans played their rearranged game at Vistabella Albatrosses and came away with a good 8-2 Aggregate 68-67 win, S Kavanagh C Smyth D Gerrard  24-16, P Coffey S Marks R Marks 16-15,,,L Ponsford G Ponsford J Pooley 16-15

Emerald Isle played the last game of the Winter League season at home against BBC needing to win on all rinks and by 24 shots. They won 10-0 and an Aggregate of 95-38  to pip their rivals, Greenlands, in a tight finish. E Morris M Odell G Smyth J Smyth  27-6, S Kavanagh N Prior A M Gerrad  D Gerrard 25-8, Jo  Pering S Marks J Pering R Marks 25-10, D Jones B Kavanagh J Pooley C Lindgren  18-14

Cavaliers clinched the Southern League Title by beating San Miguel Bulldogs by an 8-2 Aggregate of 91-50, A M Gerrard S Marks R Marks 32-7, D Gerrard C Smyth J Smyth 24-11, J Pooley D Jones C Lindgren 25-15

Claymores played at home against Vistabella Picadores and won 8-2 with an Aggregate of 63-61, M Ellis M Thomas K Jolliffe 19-18, E Morris S Johnson I Grimshaw 16-15, B Taylor B Smith T Upham 16-15

Outlaws travelled to Country Bowls to play La Manga Crusaders and were beaten 4-6, Aggregate of 74-75, M Oakley K John E Sheppard 23-14, M Riley M Nash J Nash 25-22