Vulcans started the week in good form, winning away at San Miguel Christians 8-4 Aggregate of 89-78, G Wallis C Smyth J Smyth 26-9, D Jones S Marks R Marks 18-9, M Veale M Ellis B Kavanagh 20-16

The Victors played at home against Country Bowls and lost while the Dukes played San Miguel Sheriff’s in VCL on Wed and had a great 12-0 Aggregate 111-65 win  R Marks  21-12, C Smyth 21-10, A M Gerrard C Lindgren 21-15, N Prior G Odell J Smyth 29-13, M Veale B Eldred M Odell D Gerrard  19-15

Emerald Isle played the Hijackers on Tuesday and it turned out to be home advantage that counted   Emerald Isle Won 4-rinks Aggregate of 110-80

Elwyn Morris