Bowls roundup||

Monday morning found the Pintos playing host to Horadada Hawks and enjoyed the bowls and company. At first the wind proved to be a little tricky and changing as the mat dried, but all steadied and we enjoyed the bowling.

The Pintos took full advantage of the home mat and took the rinks by 4 to 1 and the overall shots by an appreciable margin. We must always remember that whether you win depends not only how well you play, but also you comrades and opponents.

The Palominos had a bye.

In the afternoon the raiders entertained the Pointers from San Miguel and played really well to take 4 of the 5 rinks and the overall shots by a reasonable margin. All played well and as we all know you might have played the opposition’s strongest rink and lost, despite playing well.

On Friday morning the Rangers were at Emerald Isle playing their Outlaws and despite putting in a good effort, they were overpowered by their opponents on all rinks, but it’s all part of the learning scheme and has happened to us all.

Meanwhile at home the Mustangs were entertaining San Luis Tigers, always a pleasure. The mat holding heavy dew caused a little consternation at first and a little as it dried. The Mustangs took 4 rinks to the Tigers one and lost that by just the one shot, a good result against a strong opponent.

The Broncos played The Mazarron Miners away and although putting on a good show, struggled to adjust to the mat and found that Miners too strong on the day. But came away with a little experience if not a point and improve in play match by match. For further membership information contact Carolyn Harris on 966774316 or at elranchobowls.secretary@gmail.com. Or Brian Taylor on 9654077093 or at elranchobowlsclub@gmail.com