There is not many things rearer than hen’s teeth, but writing about bowls in the summer seems to be one of them.

Ever since I have been over here, it seems a shame that there is no evening games, especially when I think back to our Bedfordshire Monday evening league, straight from work, could be cold, could be wet but was definitely dark, so often the last 2 ends would have been played with a cigarette lighter being held over the jack, to at least show where the jack was.  What would we have given for floodlights and food and drink being served up until midnight.

We did however manage to hold a Saturday evening triples game which was very much enjoyed by all. Sitting up on top watching the game I was also pleasantly surprised in how much the Spanish families who were at the pool party were interested in it.   Back to the game, it was trips over 14 ends (leaving enough time for drinks afterwards) and was won by Garth Slater, Maureen Kidd, and Carol Smith with a shot difference of + 6, as you can imagine they were all very tight games.

Murphys law being what it is the game was arranged for 13th August (firework night in Elche) and then ended up with extreme weather warnings but miraculously none of this interfered with the enjoyment of our game.  There was no extrodinary weather on our green that night although many other places on the Southern Costa Blanca were in trouble.

Thank you all for a entertaining evening.