Wednesday saw the semi-finals of the drawn pairs.  This competition can often throw up some strange pairings, but these 4 teams could have been hand selected. We had Garth Slater and Don Fowkes versus Alex Whyte and Peter Parsons,  Janet Parsons and Alex Maurice versus Margaret McLaughlin and Tom Spencer who are the current Valencian Champions.

To say the results were unpredictable is an understatement but it does prove one thing and that is the lead sets the tempo of the game.  Alex Whyte last week shot off to a 10 – 1 lead and this week leading for Peter Parsons he extended that to a 21 – 1 lead the game was conceded by Garth and Don at 21 – 5.

I don’t think I will upset anyone if I say that Alex leading was really magnificent, relentlessly drawing to within inches of the Jack and to be fair the opposition had no answer to it on this occasion.

In the other game Janet and Margaret led against each other and again the leads set the tempo, Janet winning the first 6 ends giving them a 11 – 3 lead then Margaret winning the next 6 ends bringing the score to 11 – 10, then Janet coming back strong to give her and Alex a 17-10 lead which led to Margaret and Tom conceding.

I have not mentioned the skips and I know they were playing well but I think they would have to agree with me that the games were won at the front end.

Congratulations to all and we look forward to a Parsons v Parsons final supported by the relevant others, namely Alex Maurice and Alex Whyte.