Dukes played a delayed VCL game at San Miguel Sheriffs on Sat and the game finished all square 6-6, Aggregate 96-98

A M Gerrard 21-18, C Lindgren 21-17, S Kavanagh C Smyth J Smyth 25-10

Dukes played at Vistabella Saxons on Wed and they got beaten 4-8 Aggregate of 74-75, A M Gerrard 21-8, C Lindgren 21-13

Earls played at home against Country Bowls Koalas and got beaten 4- 8 Aggregate of 73-86, S Elvin 21-16, A Forrest M Ellis P Willcott 19-9

Earls played a game away against La Siesta Parakeets and a great win 10-2, Aggregate of 96-76, L Ponsford 21-16, G Ponsford J Mulloy 15-13, M Oakley K John E Sheppard 22-17, B Taylor J Ball C Wilson G Dyer 21-9

Friday afternoon brought our Irish friends and occasional drinkers to the Isle. They are now Crumlin players so as usual it was a great game and afternoon, and the game finished all Square 3-3, the Isle took Aggregate 110-79

On Sunday 3rd April the Emerald Isle held The Annual Les McCracken Memorial game and was well attended. The Major Trophy went to the Greenlands Trip and the best Emerald Isle trip was won by B Taylor M Veale and G Wallis. Thanks to all of the visiting teams, hopefully see you all next year.

Remember SAPS is now in the mornings at 9-30 for 10-00am, fun game with bowls shoes and coaching for 2 hours and bar all for 5 EUROS