Emerald Isle Bowls with Elwyn Morris
Emerald Isle Bowls with Elwyn Morris

Emerald Isle Bowls Club by Elwyn Morris

Monday the Titans played Vistabella Drivers at home and won 10-4 aggregate of 121-88, winners P Heaney S Johnson I Brewster 25-8, C Parsons K Jolliffe D Gerrard 25-12, J Pooley J Rimmer A M Stevenson 21-14

The Neptunes travelled to La Marina and having to concede a rink due to lack of numbers finished the game 6-8 down but took the aggregate, 97-95 on 2 trips winning R Adams T Harris A Malcolm 31-6, C Ayling S Waton J Mullarkey 37-9

Moonrakers won their first game against Greenlands Maples 8-6 aggregate 101-98, winning trips were G Dyer E Brookes T Kelly 19-10, K Griffiths R Fooks F King 21-15, P Horton T Culpin R Ede 15-13

Wednesday brought Quesada to the Isle in the winter league and the home won a great game 8-4 aggregate 95-66, winning rinks were J Pooley D Jones B Eldred C Lindgren 29-11, P Heaney S Johnson D Birkett I Brewster  20-10, M Riley P Coffey M Veale M Stacey 22-11

To all at the Emerald Isle, all other clubs and The Leader, have a great festive season.