South Alicante League: Monday 5th SL Trekkers had an excellent match away v GL Beech and after some early close, nip & tuck play, the Trekkers gradually moved ahead, finishing 10points-2, shots 104-70. Winners: Joy & Brian Gardiner, Jean Cooper 20-17, Stuart Wilson, Jane & Stewart Hamill 27-6, Ralph Jones, Mike Edwards, Florence Murphy 22-15, Mary & Phil Lockley, Bob Bromley 24-15.

SL Vulcans home v CB Ravens, had a good result from a close fought match: shots 72-72, points 7-5.  Winners: Jill Wyatt, Tony Ferreira, Steve Gray 21-9, Sue Kenyon, John Bagnall, Derek Biggs, 17-11, Maggie Gray, Dave Louis, Mike Wyatt 16-11.

SL Romulans were away v SM Marlins and had a great result, 10 points-2, 135 shots-62. Winners: Ray Watmough, Ngaio Baldwin, Peter Ayres 27-10, Judy Carroll, Gordon Paton, Dave Blackie 25-11, Cathy & Noel Morrisroe, Barbara Louis 35-6, Margaret Haines, Derrick Cooper, John Skipper 31-13.

SL Klingons BYE

Winter League: Wednesday 7th San Luis, home v Quesada, had mixed fortunes, winning 2 games each but losing the shots 61-84, points 4-6. Winners: Neil Burrows, Sheila Cammack, Sandra Burrows, Ian Kenyon 21-14, well done Mike Edwards, Tricia Reilly, Florence Murphy, Dave Webb for a brilliant fight back to win 18-16.

Southern League: Friday 9th SL Pumas home v SM Comanches, had a good result 8 points-4, 95 shots- 89. Winners: Lesley & Wayne Howlett, David Whitworth 26-8, Jim Gwynn, Ken Stringfellow, Maxine Wright 17-12, Jill Wyatt, Tony Ferreira, Steve Gray 26-14.

SL Tigers were away v GL Cedars and for once the weather forecast was horrendously correct, with the afternoon winds coming in varied gusts and the rain getting heavier as the afternoon wore on. 3 of the games were just lost by 1, 2 or 3 shots, the other 2 games were not so close with San Luis losing 2points-10, shots 79-96. Well done to our only winners: Stuart Wilson, Brian Gardiner, Stewart Hamill 23-11.

SL Leopards also had a very soggy afternoon (& results sheet) but won 8 points-4, 89 shots-64 v EI Outlaws. Winners: Cathy & Noel Morrisroe, Barbara Louis 32-10, Pauline Johnson, Kevin McKenna, Lyndon Johnson 22-13, Margaret Haines, Derrick Cooper, John Skipper 22-7.

SL Lions BYE.

If you want to find out more; come & try out OPEN roll ups on Saturday (9:30/10:00) & Chicken/egg comp on Wednesday (1:30/2:00). Make new friends and have Fun!!

Sheila Cammack