Friday 5th November and what a spectacular fireworks display the heavens gave us during the evening, and what a spectacular win Janet Parsons, Margaret MacLaughlin and Mike Stone gave us against Quesada Swallows winning 32-7, securing The Sharks a 6-4 win with a overall shot difference of 85-63. The other winning trip were Don and Jean Fowkes aidied by Paul Tregoing.

Meanwhile at home the Seagulls played the Quesada Swans but only managed 2 points thanks to Reg Jackson, Steve Sydall and Alex Morrice with a 20-9 win.

Monday 8th November and the Pathfinders playing at home to Quesada Diamonds gave us our first clean sheet, wining 10-0 with a shot difference of 70-44.

The Explorers had to travel to Vistabella in the afternoon to play against their Drivers.  They lost 4-6 but it really could have gone either way, winning 2 games each and losing the shots 76-77.

Barclays Properties winter league, I told you last week there were some big clashes on Wednesday and what happened I had to be in Guardamar for my Booster Jab.

Have you ever tried parking in Guardamar on Market day, it is not easy so had to leave early.  Missed the games and settled for mixed fish on the front rather that one of Louisa’s specials.  Despite my not being there the games were not disappointing although for some the results were.  The Lambs must now be excitingly frolicking around having beaten their nearest rivals the Lions 6-2, and taken a 5 point lead at the front.

The other big games were the bottom 4, Bears v Monkeys and Seals v Tigers. The Seals losing 6-2 may have cemented their position at the bottom and the Bears getting a 7-1 win over the Monkeys has really put the cat amongst the pigeons.  The bottom 4 now read Seals 38 points, Bears 46. Tigers 46 and Monkeys 48.  3 games to go!!!

Friday and the Sharks invited the San Miguel Bulldogs along to play which the Bulldogs happily accepted, winning the contest 7 – 3 our 3 points came mainly from our trip of Janet Parson, Margaret McLaughlin, and Mike Stone who won 28-5, securing their 2 points and adding enormously to shared point on shots of 68 each.

No results from the Seagulls who have a afternoon game against Vistabella and the report will be next week.