Emerald Isle Neptunes sink without trace at Quesada
Emerald Isle Neptunes sink without trace at Quesada

Emerald Isle Bowls Club by Elwyn Morris

Monday morning the Titans visited Quesada Pearls and got beaten 6-8, aggregate of 85-112, winning trips were  C Parsons K Jolliffe D Gerrard 14-9, P Coffey M Parsons P Willicott 18-13, M Riley J Pooley J Mulloy 16-14

Monday afternoon the Neptunes played at Quesada against the Diamonds and got beat 0 -14 aggregate of 89-137

The Moonrakers played at home against Monte Mar Toreadors, and they went down 2-12, aggregate of 80-103, winning trip was B Taylor B Smith M Willicott,19-7

Wed brought Bonalba the Emerald Isle and the game finished all Square at 6-6 aggregate 90-64, the winning rinks were D Jones J Westall M Odell J Rimmer 36-7, M Whitelock  J Pooley S Westall C Lindgren 17-11

Friday the Cavaliers played at home in the morning against Quesada Swallows, and won 8-6 aggregate of 101-88, winning trips were  M Riley J Pooley J Mulloy 22-9, C Donnellan D Birkett J Rimmer 19-9, C Thomas K Jolliffe D Gerrard 16-15,.

In the afternoon The Claymores played at home against Quesada Swifts and they came out on top by 9-5 aggregate of 98-94 winning trips were S Kavanagh E Morris B Kavanagh 19-10, L Hawkins D Rhodes A Burns 17-10, V Cameron S Watson P Creswell 16-15  and there was a drawn trip of R Adams M Petty M Breen 24-24

The Outlaws played away at La Siesta Blues and slipped to a defeat by 3-11, and an aggregate of 76-141  winning trip was B Donohoe T Culpin F King 18-14 and there was a drawn trip by P Kelly G Smith G Farrington 18-18

SAPS is still played on Sat afternoons during winter from 13-30 pm Bowls Shoes and Tuition supplied for 5 Euros per person