On Monday both our teams had a bye so a fun game was organised and 24 players turned out to play a ‘Chicken Run’ and an enjoyable morning was had by all. Prizes were presented to the winners, Chicken to Keith Holliman, Legs to Graham Richardson, Eggs to Gary Ponsford.

On Friday in the Southern League the Geckos travelled to San Luis and found it hard going in the Lions den but came away with 4 points 80 points to 94. Winning rinks were Sheila Whitehall, John Jukes, Ray Robson 16 to 14, Del Gunning, Derek Lewis, Peter Whitehall 24 to 15.

The Panthers were at home to Greenlands Elms continuing their good form only loosing on one rink, points 10 to 2, shots 87 to 70. Winning rinks were Jayne Storey, Phil Newham,   Kevin Storey 21 to 10, Liz Mildon, Colin Roberts, Dean Webb 18 to 11, Graham Richards, Keith Holliman, Steve Wailes 22 to 171, Val Lever, Geoff Eggleton, Allan Lever 16 to 11.

New members and guests are always made welcome at the only club in Murcia region competing in the Lavante Lawn Bowls Leagues, why not come along to one of our roll up mornings on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday at 10 am.

Peter Dix