winter league match between Emerald Isle and Javea.|
winter league match between Emerald Isle and Javea.|

El Rancho Bowls Club.

On Monday morning the Pintos played the Sycamores at Greenland and a close match it was, with the Pintos coming away with 2 rinks and a draw. The Sycamores took the overall shots by just 5 shots, a good result away from home for the Pintos.

Meanwhile the Raiders entertained the San Luis Romulans and took advantage of the home mat and bowling skills, to take 3 rinks and a draw. They also took the points for overall shots by a reasonable margin, a good result.

Friday morning found the Broncos playing host to Montemar Toreadors in brisk conditions, and had a great day, taking all 14 points which is always a good morale booster. Graham Day, Pam Harris and Brian Harris 23-11. Gill Bartlett, Keith Longshaw and Rob Clark 16-14. Gary Dunstone, Bob Easthope and Barry Bright 24-14. Marion Haynes, John Richards and Dave Haynes 23-7. Dolly Ford, David Baker and Mick Ager 17-16. Ann C Taylor, Denise Morgan and Malc Elmore 25-13.

In the afternoon found the Mustangs playing the Picadors at Vistabella, in a cold ferocious wind.

The Mustangs played well in trying conditions and although coming away with just the one rink, 3 others were very close and could have gone either way. Ann Taylor, Shirley Edwards and Jim Taylor 15-17. Irene Thomson, Jim Gracie and Eddie Thomson 15-13. Diane Yates, John Skipper and Bob Taylor 19-20. Jan Bright, Malc Sykes and Bob Morgan 14-17. Barbara Jones, Sheila Cooper and Carolyn Harris 6-27. Geoff Jones, Jane Hamill and Stew Hamill 13-27. For membership details contact Brian Taylor on 965 07 7093 or  at or Carolyn Harris on 966 77 4316 or at