Winter league win for the Emerald Isle at La Marina
Winter league win for the Emerald Isle at La Marina

Emerald Isle Bowls Club by Elwyn Morris

Monday took the Titans to La Siesta Apollos, where they had a good win 10-4, aggregate of118-94, winning trips were C Donnellan K Jolliffe D Birkett 26-8, M Riley J Westall S Westall 20-12, M Whitelock P Coffey M Odell 22-14, P Heaney S Johnson I Brewster 23-17

The Neptunes played at home against San Luis Trekkers and had a fine 12-2 win, aggregate of 133-77, winning trips were L Burns D Rhodes A Burns 30-9, C Ayling C Warner J Mullarkey 30-15, L Harris D Horne P Creswell 27-12, A Brown T Harris A Malcolm 15-10, M Shatwell S Watson G Shatwell 13-11

The Moonrakers played at home against San Miguel Comets and slipped to a 2-12 defeat aggregate of 91-122, winners were B Donohoe T Culpin G Smith 22-18

Wed the Emerald Isle visited Vistabella in the winter league and had a great 10-2 win aggregate of 91-80 winning rinks were D Jones B Eldred J Pooley C Lindgren 23-12, P Heaney S Johnson D Birkett 23-18, M Whitelock R White AMS,D Gerrard 16-14, A Brown J Westall S Westall J Rimmer 18-15. The Berleen went down by 13-22

Thursday saw the rearranged winter league game against San Luis and it finished with a great 10 -2 aggregate 103-57 win for EI winners were P Heaney S Johnson D Birkett I Brewster 33-6, M Riley P Coffey M Veale M Odell 24-8, M Whitelock R White A M Stevenson D Gerrard 22-13, A Brown B Doran B Eldred J Mulloy 13-12, Emerald Isle won the Berleen 21-14 V Cameron S Watson E Morris T Kelly

The Cavaliers travelled to Mazarron Miners on Friday and slipped to a 6-8 aggregate 91-108 loss, winners were P Coffey L Vincent J Mulloy 21-7, S Wickens S Johnson D Gerrard 23-11, C Donnallen D Birkett C Lindgren 15-14.

The Claymores played at home and had a fine 13-1 aggregate of 133-70 win against Horadada Royals, S Kavanagh E Morris B Kavanagh 28-8, M Shatwel B Eldred G Shatwell 29-12, L Harris D Horne A Malcolm 23-6    R Adams L Hawkins B Smith 9-12, L Burns D Rhodes A Burns 16-14    C Ayling M Petty J Mullarkey 18-18

The Outlaws played at San Miguel Cougars and lost 2-12 aggregate 88-134, winning trip was P Horton G Inwood R Ede 24-12

Hoping everyone had a great night on Friday