San Luis Bowls Club Report 02.03.18.
San Luis Bowls Club Report 02.03.18.


This week as temperatures dropped we had some unwelcome results and the first rain – affected match of the season; frustrating for us but any water must be welcome to the Spanish farmers.

Monday 27th: South Alicante Bowls: SL Klingons away v Q Pearls; a very close fought match 8-6, shots 102-102. Winners: Janet McEneany, Ann Holland, Peter McEneany 21-12, Sheila Cammack, Bob White, Ray Clarke 17-14, Margaret Morrison, Sabrina & Russell Marks 25-17, Steve Simmons, Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 16-16.

SL Trekkers; not an easy game at home v GL Maples 6-8, shots 98-122. Winners: Helen Hammond, Barry Roseveare, Scott Malden 24-28, Marina Beardsall, Barry Edwards, Brian Pocock 23-23, Ros Holmes, Bill Webb, Mike Regan 18-13.

SL Vulcans, a good result home v CB Flamingos, 11-3, 119 shots-97. Winners: Walter Lang, Margaret Clarke, Drew Russell 21-9, Doug & Fay Beattie, Geoff Shand 26-15, Chris Jackson, Marie Henley, Dave Steadman 21-13, Robin Harker, Dave Tilley, Caz Blay 21-15, Derek Barker, Brenda Brown, Ray Watmough 20-20.

SL Romulans, home v El Rancho Raiders, a better result this week 5-9, shots 93-132. Winners: Chris Phillips, Geoff Francis, Terry Baylis 22-22, Tony Davies, Marion Davies, Joe Millis 16-15, Roger Inwards, Rhys Davies, Tom Fromson 22-20.

Wednesday 29th Winter League away v Emerald Isle, match was washed out: replay Thursday 7th December 1:30/2:00.

Friday 1st December Southern League: SL Lions, home v Mazarron Mariners, an excellent result 12-2, shots 130-82. Mal’s team pulled back for a win and Peter’s team was so close on the last end but just missed out. Well done everyone, winners: Colin Jackson, Keith Phillips, Mal Hughes 22-20, Steve Simmons, Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 22-11, Sheila Cammack, Ray Clarke, Giuseppe Galelli 25-12, Pam Lockett, June & Keith Jones 25-7, Margaret Morrison, Ann Holland, Roy Cordell 21-12.

SL Tigers, away v HO Royals, and battling against strong winds, this was not the result we were hoping for 0-14, 78 shots-113.

SL Leopards; as expected a very tough match, away v Manga Crusaders; and the Leopards had their spots knocked off by the Crusaders finishing 0-14, 59 shots-170.

SL Pumas home v Q Swans; a close game 6-8, 96shots-102. Winners: Chris Phillips, Geoff Francis, Albert Jackson 17-12, Pat Baylis, Mario Cavilla, Phil Hasler 22-18, Pat Barnes, Ralph Jones, Harry Epsom 14-13.

Club information: or contact June Jones, Club Captain: 691903773.

Sheila Cammack.