As stated last week we are league free of games due to byes, so this is the perfect opportunity to give state of play in the internal competitions.


The semi-final of the drawn pairs will be Margaret Finlayson and Garth Slater v Trevor Hancock and Peter Parsons, the other game being Barry Roberts and Alex Whyte v Janet Parsons and Norman Ship.    The semi-final of the ladies singles will be Margaret Finlayson v Marylyn Fryatt, and Lesley Joynes V Maureen Kidd.  Late news this game has been played today resulting in a final between Margaret Finlayson and Maureen Kidd to be played on Finals Weekend.  Well done to all the ladies some very good games.


The men’s singles are not so far advanced, but the draw has given a great opportunity for some tight games, Steve Wright v Peter Parsons, Len Daniels v Trevor Hancock, Garth Slater v Johnny Callaghan, Trevor Stemp v Norman Ship, Don Fowkes v Alex Whyte.


Lastly the mixed trips is at the quarter final stage Dave & Lesley Joynes with Len Daniels v Barry Roberts, Johnny Callaghan and Maryln Fryatt, Anne & Mike Stone and John Rae v Don and Jean Fowkes with Garth Slater, Margaret Finlayson, Margaret MacLaughlin and Alex Whyte v Norman Ship, Trevor Stemp and Shirley Hadaway.


Other competitions are still due to start but my advice to all is to study the board and watch as many games as possible, as knock outs are always very exciting.


Please make sure that the finals weekend of 15th & 16th March is in your diary.


Dave Hadaway