On Monday the Raiders were at home to Emerald Isle Neptunes, with the usual tricky breeze, but we had a splendid morning’s bowls. Both teams took 2 rinks with the 5th drawn and Neptunes taking the overall shots by 2. A good result all round, played in good spirit and humour. Ria Dukker, Sheila Cox and Henry Ryder 23-17. Bill Johnston, Malc Sykes and Diane Yates 20-15. Ann Abbott, Tony Abbott and Marion Haynes 12-24. Rose Passmore, Dave Giddings and Jim Eastwood 14-14. Jean Giddings, Derek Barker and Mike Cox 16-17.

Tuesday found the Raiders playing host to Vistabella Drivers, we had a splendid match and I, hopefully along with the rest of the team, had a very enjoyable morning. Most matches were very close and as we know whether you win or lose is as much to do with the draw for opponents as how you play. In the end the match came out a draw, with the Raiders taking two rinks and the overall shots to Drivers’ three rinks.

On Wednesday the Rowdies entertained Emerald Isle in the winter League and faced a pretty tough opponent but fared well in taking one rink. Sheila Cox, Tony Abbott, Ann Abbott and Mike Cox 20-19. Ria Dukker, Frances Johnston, Judy Foley and Bob Day 9-21. Bill Johnston, Lesley Day, Pam Harris and Henry Ryder 14-15. Derek Barker, Mike Higgins, Mags Higgins and Diane Yates 7-27.

Friday found the Mustangs at Vistabella playing the Picadores, it was a wild cold wind that swept the mat, making it difficult for everyone, I can’t recall seeing such a large spread of bowls in the head on every rink. It was a little easier later when the wind eased, but we still had to bowl very wide on one side. But we were in good company combatting the conditions. We did alas come away without a point but enjoyed the mutual challenge. Bowlers of all levels are welcome at El Rancho, for further membership information contact Sheila Cox at micksheilacox@gmail.com.