Pearl Houghton

The Beech opponents were The Emerald Isle and by all accounts proved to be a very interesting game with both teams sharing the points 6 to 6. So well done on a good result.

The CHESTNUTS versus Quesada was a very good result for Greenlands proving to strong on the day for their opponents running out12 to nil. CONGRATULATIONs on a great result and keeps us in the hunt in the league Let’s keep this going now.

The Maples travelled to Country Bowls, and it proved to be a tough game for them only managed to get 2 points to 10 so not a good day for them must try harder.

The Gladiators travelled to Emerald Isle this week and had a really tough game against strong opponents but stuck to it and came away with a 6 to 4 victory  so very well done everyone ..