Vistabella Bowls Report. Brian Zelin
Vistabella Bowls Report

Vistabella Bowls Report  With Lynne Bishop

ENTERPRISE LEAGUE. The Albatrosses did us proud on Monday with four big home wins against the San Luis Klingons, L Bishop, S Norris & B Dunn 36-6. N Burrows, A Brown & E Bishop 23-12. G Fisher, S Allman & Gordon Fisher 19-9. Two teams lost by a total of four shots! Results, VB 133(10) – 65(4) SL.

The Drivers away to La Marina Explores played a team short due to illness. Winning teams…D Leggatt, Mo & Martin 21-18. P Rafferty, J Neve & Pat Rafferty 15-12. Results, VB 74(4) – 103(10) LM.

VOYAGER LEAGUE Eagles at home to San Luis Vulcans. What a fab result! D Graham, P Tomkins & Penny Tomkins 32-9. I Irwin, M Irwin & T French 23-11. R Smith, D & J Harwood 19-14. S Guy, P Cadwell & M Blight 17-12. Results, VB 118(10) – 81(4) SL.

WINTER LEAGUE. Away up the coast to Benitachell we achieved a respectable draw with three wins but losing the long game. S Kemp, T French, B Zelin & G Thorpe 21-9. L Bishop, N Burrows, J Harwood & S Allman 18-12. L Watkins, S Burrows, P Whitehall & E Bishop 26-21. Results, VB 81(6) – 93(6) BBC. Vistabella lost the Berleen.

FED 4’s. The Vikings were away to Quesada, unfortunately there wasn’t any wins on this occasion….tough luck! Results, VB 32(0) – 69(8) Q.

SOUTHERN LEAGUE A. The Lanzadores were at home to El Rancho Mustangs, they had four wins and a drawn game…another nice Friday win. L Watkins, S Norris & E Bishop 34-8. L Bishop, C Watkins & P Whitehall 23-6. N Burrows, A Brown & M Furness 18-6. G Fisher, S Burrows & Gordon Fisher 19-16. S Whitehall, SJ Broadhurst & S Allman 19-19. Shots, VB 126(11) – 72(3) E.R.

Picadors away to Emerald Isle Cavaliers won on three rinks. P Rafferty, B Ewart & L Barber 19-14. F Barclay, J Neve & G Thorpe 16-11. D Gunning, H Marshall & Pat Rafferty 16-15. Shots, VB 87(6) – 95(8) EI.

Voyager league Div C. The Conquistadores were at San Luis against the Leopards, two wins and a draw on shots. D Graham, K Rennison & R Pownall 25-14. R Smith, D & J Harwood 20-10. Shots, VB 94(5) – 94(9) SL.