Javea Green Winter League maintain their top of the league status.
Javea Green beat San Luis to go to the top of the Winter League Table.

Javea Green Winter League welcomed San Miguel for what proved to be a crucial game as the winter league draws to a close with only 4 points separating the top two teams.

Always a pleasure and a challenge to bowls against, San Miguel proved to be  formidable opponents. Javea only managed to win on 2 of the 5 rinks but thanks to Chris Evans´s team of Chris Salter, Phil Woodhead and Paul Brown who continue their unbroken winning streak and Clive English´s team of Jan Brown, Pat Wardrop and John Pittaway who also won, the shot difference was secured for a 6-6 draw.

The Berleen team skipped by Brian Manser had an excellent win making them a contender for the title this year.

Javea´s Northern league saw Onyx go down 8-2 to BBC Lions but Quartz beat BBC Jaguars 8-2.

Next Winter League match is Greenlands away.