Last Friday was a right off for most teams playing in the LLB Southern League with both our teams games cancelled, games were rearranged for our Geckos playing at Greenlands and Panthers at home to La Siesta.

The Geckos played rearranged game on Tuesday at Greenland’s and adapted well to the slower surface and run out as winners 8 points to 4, 102 shots to 80. The winning rinks were Sheena Mallet, Trish Dix, John Mallet 20 to 17, Derek Lewis, Gary Ponsford, William Miller 22 to 8, Del Gunning, Niel West, Peter Whitehall 35 to 13.

The Panthers played rearranged game on Wednesday at home against La Siesta Silvers and soon took command on the home surface and resulted in a 10 to 2 points win, shots 109 to 54. Winning teams were Wendy Splevings, Peter Robins, Dean Webb 25 to 7, Della Wailes, John Bentley, Steve Wailes 27 to 14, Brenda Jiggins, Sue Hudson, Derek Jiggins 22 to 8, Val Lever, Geoff Eggleton, Allan Lever 24 to 8.

It was a quiet week in the Alicante Southern League for both our teams, the Seahawks and Flamingos having no game.

On Friday Southern League continued on a more wintery day with cloud cover and a spot or 2 of rain until eventually play was curtailed early as the rain became persistent. At home the Geckos entertained a strong San Luis Lions team, all games were very close with the exception of the rink of Carol Donellan, Andy Failes, Graham Richardson winning 25 to 5.

The score was declared at 6 points each, with one win, 2 drawers and overall shots to Country Bowls, great result for both teams on a cold and wet day.

The Panthers travelled to Greenlands and came out on top in difficult conditions, again the game was eventually curtailed due to rain. The result was a creditable win 10 points to 2 and 74 to 41 shots. Winning rinks were  Wendy Splevings, Peter Robins, Dean Webb 22 to 8,  Christine Hughes, Keith Holliman, Steve Wailes 17 to 10, Dave Belton, Della Wailes, Derek Jiggins 16 to 9.

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Peter Dix