Pearls kicked off the last week of South Alicante league matches for 2022, with a 6-6 draw against Greenland Maples.  Although it was only these 2 rinks that were victorious, a 95-86 shots difference, meant a further 2 points were gained – G Phillips, M France, Jason P 22-8. B Trinder, P Bevan, B Rees 21-15.  A trip to El Rancho awaited Diamonds, who came away with a 7-5 advantage.  Here’s the rinks who earned the points – K Gordon, P Farrell, T Voisey 34-11. D Benson, S Jakeman, A Benson 20-17. A Bowen, B Elliott, Sue Cooper 13-13.  Rubies 10-2 win over Greenlands Beech maintained their lead at the top of the 3rd division, but alas I have no further details.

In Friday’s Southern league, Swallows triumphed 10-2 over near neighbours Greenlands Cedars, courtesy of these 4 winning rinks – B Trinder, C Dye, T Morgan 20-13. M & C Highland, P Morgan 22-11. C Brazier, A Johnston, Jason P 36-12. G Carnell, V Campbell, F Roberts 23-9.  Swans had a free week, but fellow div 2 side Swifts, secured an excellent 10-2 victory over La Siesta Golds.  Well done – J Cleal, S Jakeman, R Lewin 25-10. K Gordon, D Collings, A Reid 24-10. S Johnston, J Moss, T Lale 21-13. I Everett, V Slater, D Riley 18-11.