On Monday the Raiders were at home to Quesada Rubies, although the Raiders didn’t take a point a couple of the matches were very close. It will always be easier for larger clubs to raise 4 good trips in these restrictive times, but remember it is all about good company and enjoying our bowls. David Baker’s efforts were much appreciated in manning the bar today.

Meanwhile the Pintos were again at San Luis playing the Klingons and although our trip was on the same rink with the same opponents, I struggled to master the rink. But it happens, we all struggle sometimes to make our bodies behave as our brains wish, but I enjoyed the company as I would hope we all did. We came away with one rink, from a match away from home against strong opponents.

On Tuesday the Mustangs played the postponed match from last Friday away to Greenland’s Oaks, the Mustangs came away with a rink and a near run, a good effort away from home.

Wednesday’s rescheduled Country Bowls match for the Broncos, from Friday the 22nd was postponed again due to the waterlogged mat.

The Mustangs were at home on Friday, playing host to Quesada Swallows. The mat was wet to start with and was very slow to dry, never quite achieving it. But it was a close-run match with both teams taking two rinks and sharing the overall shots equally, a worthy draw.

Meanwhile the Broncos were playing the Swifts at Quesada and had a tight match, going into the last end level on 3 rinks. Despite their excellent efforts they came away without a point, but as I have said many times ‘The result isn’t always an indicator of how you have played, particularly away from home’. Bowlers of all levels are welcome at El Rancho, for further membership information contact Sheila Cox at micksheilacox@gmail.com