Monte Mar Bowls and Social Club
Monte Mar Bowls and Social Club

Division (A) For the Blues an afternoon home game against Country Bowls Gecko´s who stayed in full control of the game with only one of our rinks getting within 1 shot. Lost 0-10 (Shots 61-79).

Division (B) The Golds visited Quesada for an afternoon game against the Swans losing on 3 rinks with the remaining rink being; Cathleen Morrisroe, Malcolm Ayton & John Skipper who went into the final end trailing by two, then placed 3 shots closest to the jack to win (17-16). Lost 2-8 (52-81). The rearranged game away against Vistabella Picadors was played Tuesday afternoon which we won one rink by; Malcolm Ayton, Derek Barker & Sue Jordan (14-12), and 2 pts extra as the home team could only field 3 teams. Lost 4-6 (Shots 36-56).

Division (C) The Silvers welcomed Greenland’s Elms to La Siesta, where both teams won on 2 rinks each but the overall shots 66-82 going to the visitors, lost 4-6. Rink winners; Dave Collins, June & David Whitworth (21-17). Maxine Wright, Wayne Howlett & Graham Doel (17-13).

Winter League An early start for La Siesta to Javea, and after a long day the game ended by collecting 2 pts from the home team courtesy of; Cathleen Morrisroe, Pat Moore, Irene Laverick & Mike Inns (14-13). Lost 2-8 (Shots 50-68). Well done to all with thanks to Joan & Mike for playing at short notice.

Enterprise Afternoon away game to Greenland’s for the Apollos playing the Maples with problems start to finish, one player no show so the reserve used then a shoulder injury caused rink 5 to be stopped. Bad day at the office, result 0-10 (Shots 28-93).

Discovery Country Bowls was the Venue for the Pioneers against the Flamingos a result which could have gone either way with both teams battling right to the end, result 1–9 (Shots 60-68) unfortunately we lost narrowly on 3 rinks with Skip Alan Ralph`s team collecting 1 pt.

Voyager The Sputniks hosted Greenland’s Beach and cruised to a deserved victory by leading on 3 rinks from start to finish, collecting a further 2pts for the overall (Shots 85-59) result 8-2. Winning rinks; Tony Campbell, Jean & Dave Giddings (26-12). Steve Gray, June & David Whitworth (25-13). Jim Gwynn, Janet & Graham Doel (22-14).

Contact President George 865772498 or Captain Wendy 633068399 if interested in joining.