Saturday 23rd and we welcome back Bobby & Billie Simms along with their Henfield Touring side and it was great not only to touch base with Bobby & Billie but to sit down afterward with Paella and wine and chew over the fat (perhaps not the best analogy for a meal) but you know what I mean.

Last week the Leader published league tables and we are on top of the South Alicante League and equal second in the VCL – lets play our own trumpet while we can.

This week we are back to league bowling and on Monday in the South Alicante League we travelled to our local rivals Monte mar, not quite the result we hoped for but playing away from home and securing 4 points is still good.  Our top winning trip was Jean Tregoing, Mike Smith and Peter Parsons with a score of 22-9 and our overall shot difference of 75-98.

It’s not often that you get excited about 2 points but on Wednesday 27th that was exactly the case, we were at home to Greenlands and looking to be whitewashed but for our super excited triple of Paul Tregoing, and Jean & Don Fowkes. They has the most exciting final end real nip and tuck but came away with a 19-18 victory securing us those 2 vital points and avoiding the white wash.

Dave Hadaway