Vistabella Bowls Report With Lynne Bishop

Back to business after a nice Christmas break but with many still trying to shake off the nasty bugs & viruses.

ENTERPRISE LEAGUE between our Drivers and our Albatrosses. The Drivers being the home side, they won on two rinks & one drawn game…F Barclay, D Howard & B Corbishly 21-13.  K Hardy, B Pointon & C Thorpe 17-15. Drawn game between D Leggatt, Mo & Martin Foulcer v N Burrows, A Brown & B Zelin 18-18. Winners for the Albatrosses.. S Kemp, C Watkins & M Furness 26-8. G Fisher, S Allman & Gordon Fisher 27-10.  L Watkins, S Burrows & P Whitehall 16-9.

Result.. Drivers 85(5) – 115(9) Albatrosses.

VOYAGER LEAGUE, Eagles re-arranged match v La Siesta Pioneers. A good start to the year, P Cadwell, J Hitchcock & G Gandy 22-12. R Smith, D & J Harwood 18-10. I & M Irwin , T French 17-14. P & P Tomkins, A Kendall 15-14. Shots, VB 95(10) – 90(4) LS.

The Eagles match this week at Country Bowls against the Flamingos was disappointing as far as not being able to field a full side, the Eagles came away with just one win from R Smith, Di & J Harwood 25-9. Shots, VB 57(2) – 97(12) C B.

WINTER LEAGUE away at Javea Green. Two big wins and the long game earned us six points. L Bishop, C Watkins, B Norris & M Furness 28-9. L Watkins, S Burrows, P Whitehall & E Bishop 27-14. Total shots, VB 90 – 81 JG.

Well done Berleen team team… S Kirk, D Harwood, B Ewart & J Harwood 21-12.

FED 4’s. First game v Quesada. One win from G Fisher, P Ray, A Brown & Gordon Fisher 22-13. Shots, VB 47(2) – 58(6) Q.

SOUTHERN LEAGUE A Div. Vistabella Picadors v Vistabella Lanzadores. Picadors being the home side. They had two wins and a drawn game. Their winners were P Ray, J Neve & G Thorpe 23-9. D Gunning, B Ewart & B Ray 21-16. A drawn game  between F Barclay, M Gill & L Barber 21-21 S Kemp, B Norris & B Zelin. Lanzadores winners were L Bishop, C Watkins & P Whitehall 27-11. G Fisher, S Burrows & Gordon Fisher 21-15. N Burrows, S Allman & K Cuthbert 17-14.

Result, Picadors 105 (5) – 110 (9) Lanzadores.

Div C. Conquistadors vs Country Bowls Geckos. A disappointing result as the games were tight, only one team picked up some points! R S