La Marina
La Marina

La Marina Report By Barry Latham

Here we go again. Another year so have a good one with Health and Happiness to all. Certainly the Explorers had the happiness as they beat La Siesta Apollos at home by 10-4.

A good start to 2018.  Dave Hadaway, Margaret McLaughlin and Maureen Kidd won 17-12. Mike Stone (must have been the coaching) won 22-13 with the help of Jim freeman (80 yrs old) and Steve Douglas.  Don Fowkes, Mike Smith and Jean Fowkes tidily beat their opponents by 2 shots whereas Shirley Hadaway outdid husband Dave by winning 32-5 with great help from Phil Pape and Hilary Cronk. 

Lovely to see Fred Norris coming along to say hello to everyone.

Not so happy were the Pathfinders as they lost away to San Luis Trekkers 11-3. Terry Perchard, Garth Slater and Jean Perchard managed a draw and our only winning rink came from Dave Taylor, Arthur(Notice spelling, Steve) Cronk and Paul Tregoing 20-14.

What a battle we had at home in the Winter League against San Luis. It all went down to the last end.  John Rae, Steve Hindle, Mike Smith and Anne Stone had a great game to beat their opponents 22-11 while Shirley Hadaway struggled to start with (Skip had a wrong bias on the second end!!!!) but  battled back to have an exciting 23-17 win.

The match all hung on the last game, guess who was finishing last.  Not my fault this time, that Russell Marks doesn’t half talk a lot. Four down I picked the jack up to make us five up then Russ had an absolutely wonderful bowl to get the shot and I narrowly missed with my last wood. They beat us, that was Peter Parsons, Wendy Latham and Dave O’Sullivan 13-12.  Great game, great company, great finish.

Mind you when all the scores were added up, La Marina had won by one shot, so overall it was six all. Great result.  Not so good according the Ospreys’ Captain was the result over at El Rancho with the Ospreys who lost 12-2. Peter Parsons, Mike Stone and Andy Bartlett played very well to win by one shot 20-19.